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"After setting it up properly, it will scan your website pages consistently, give you the status previous, and then re-submit to Google to fix and re-index properly then give you the final status for example as indexed and fixed. AN ABSOLUTE GEM."

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Jad Bourji
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Bye Bye Errors

While Google crawls your site it might encounter errors. Most times is enough to simply reindex the page.

RankWeek keeps track of your pages and the errors and automatically re-submit the page to be indexed

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🪄 Rank Week automatic error detection and indexing 🦾

Welcome Ranking

Most likely you have several pages not indexed correctly.

Let us index them and increase your ranking. The whole process is fully automated.

The more pages you rank, the more impressions you get.

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Submitted and Indexed

Submitted and Indexed

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Submitted and Indexed

"Really impressed by speed of execution and the quick setup process. Very very easy to add sites (just adding an owner in GSC), and 1 click to auto index. Saves me probably 1-3 hours/week."


"The tool we all need"

Vlad Zivkovic

"Automating page reindexing on Google is sure to be a great help in boosting SEO"

Beth Cufee

"A must-have for website owners"

Alex Gavril

"As an SEO Specialist constantly having problems with indexing issues on Google and Google Search Console, this tool has been a god-sent! Absolute gem."

Jad Bourji

Set it up in minutes. Works fully on autopilot.
  • How does it work?

    We monitor your sitemap daily, comparing it to your Search Console data. When we detect a new page or an indexing issue, we promptly submit a request to Google to re-index that specific page

  • Is it complicate to setup?

    No, you simply log in with your Google account and select the site you want to auto-index.

  • Can I try it?

    Yes, the free plan will identify pages with issues. Additionally, we offer a 7-day free trial that includes auto-indexing capabilities.