How to Fix the "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" Error in Google Search Console

Experiencing issues with Google indexing can be frustrating for any website owner. The "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" status in Google Search Console (GSC) indicates that while Google has found your page, it hasn't yet added it to the index. This article discusses practical steps to resolve this issue and ensure your pages are indexed properly.

Understand the Error

Before diving into solutions, it's important to comprehend what "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" means. Essentially, Google's crawlers have discovered the URL but decided not to index it right away. Numerous reasons, like low page quality or technical issues, might cause this.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix the Issue

Step 1: Verify That Your Page Is Valuable and Unique

Google prefers to index pages that offer unique and valuable content. Review your page to ensure that it provides content that is both:

  • High-quality: Check for spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy.
  • Unique: Ensure your content isn't duplicated elsewhere on your site or the web.

Ensure your content is up to par with the following checklist:

  • No spelling errors
  • Grammar checked
  • Factually accurate
  • Original content

Step 2: Inspect Your Robots.txt File

Your robots.txt file may accidentally be blocking Google's crawlers from indexing your page. You can check and edit this file to ensure Google has permission to index the page.

Use the GSC's robots.txt Tester to validate your file:

  1. Log into Google Search Console.
  2. Select your property.
  3. Click on 'robots.txt Tester' under 'Older Tools.'
  4. Verify that your page's URL is allowed.

Step 3: Check for Noindex Tags

A noindex meta tag instructs search engines not to index a page. Confirm that your page doesn't contain this tag by looking at the HTML code.

<!-- Check for the presence of this tag in your page's head section: -->
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Step 4: Improve Your Page Speed

Loading speed is a significant ranking factor and can influence whether your page is indexed. Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze and improve your page speed.

Step 5: Use Fetch as Google

Using GSC's Fetch as Google feature lets you see how Google crawls your page. If there are crawling issues, you can detect and fix them.

google search console indexing
  • Navigate to GSC and select your property.
  • Find the 'Inspect any URL' box and enter your URL.
  • Click on the "Test Live URL" option.
  • Once fetched, click on the "Request Indexing" button.

If you have a lot of links, use to automate this step!

Step 6: Generate and Submit a Sitemap

If you've not submitted a sitemap or yours is outdated, create a new one and submit it through GSC. This can enhance Google's ability to discover and index your pages.

  • Create a XML sitemap using a sitemap generator.
  • Go to GSC and select 'Sitemaps' from the menu.
  • Enter the sitemap URL and click on 'Submit'.

Step 7: Eliminate Crawl Budget Waste

A crawl budget is the number of pages Google will crawl on your site at a particular time. Ensure Google isn't wasting crawl resources on low-value pages.

  • Use the nofollow tag on internal links that aren't important.
  • Remove duplicate pages.
  • Fix broken links.

Step 8: Monitor Indexing Status

After implementing these changes, monitor your GSC for updates on the indexing status of the page.

  • Regularly check the 'Index' status in GSC.
  • Note any changes in indexing after your fixes.

Final Thoughts

Resolving the "Discovered - Currently Not Indexed" error requires patience and a systematic approach. By ensuring your content is up to Google's standards, optimizing technical details, and properly guiding Google's crawlers through your website, you enhance your chances for proper indexing. Stay proactive, and remember that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

By taking these steps, you put yourself on a path to a better indexed and more visible website. Happy optimizing!

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